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Some of the most innovative ideas we work with actually come from our customers. Call it customer-driven R&D, but we truly believe in the power of these new concepts to solve problems and add tremendous value.

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Cavotec Dabico

Cavotec Dabico has been a leader in aircraft ground support equipment (GSE) for over four decades. Its experience dates back to 1966, when the first airport hydrant fuelling systems were being designed and installed.

For the efficient operations and movement of aircraft at commercial and military airports all over the world, turn to Cavotec Dabico with confidence to work with the airport designers, coordinate all product manufacturers, supervise installation, start-up the system and provide long-term support of in-ground fuelling systems at airports worldwide.

Customizing our products to meet the ever increasing demands of customers is a specialty of the company. Our team members are never happier than when working together with customer appointed designers striving to meet these demands.

Cavotec Dabico US Inc.
5665 Corporate Avenue - Cypress, CA 90630, USA
telephone.: +1 714 545 7900 | fax: +1 714 545 7676
E-mail: dabico.us@cavotec.com

Cavotec UK Ltd.
Unit 5A & 5B St. Anne's Industrial Estate Stockton-on-Tees TS18 2LS, United Kingdom
telephone.: +44 1642 608 245 | fax: +44 1642 608 224
E-mail: dabico.uk@cavotec.com