Cavotec's engineering and systems integration expertise has seen the Group lead the development of aviation ground fuelling solutions for military and civil applications for many years.

Cavotec Dabico has been at the forefront of providing aviation fuel hydrant system solutions since the first fuel hydrant systems were developed in the early 1960's. Cavotec fuel hydrant pit solutions enable refuelling via an underground fuel hydrant pipeline. All major airports have adopted the fuel hydrant system, reducing airport congestion, and improving safety.

Cavotec E3 Fuelling illustrates our wide fuelling portfolio engineered and manufactured based on the highest industry standards (API, TüV, STS-M, EI, UFC, UFGS).

Our fuel hydrant pits are in compliance with all necessary JIG standards, including JIG Bulletin 90.

Fuel Hydrants

Cavotec Commercial fuel hydrant pit assemblies house hydrant valves, which are provided with on/off or pressure/flow control when in operation. Available as a one or two-piece (environmental) design with bottom or side entry pipe-work, pits are manufactured in either high-grade fibreglass GRP or fabricated steel, which is internally/externally coated.

All Cavotec fuel hydrant pits comply with all necessary EI specifications and JIG standards, including JIG Bulletin 90.

High Point Vent/Low Point Drain Pit Assembly

Cavotec Dabico pit assemblies are an important part of the overall integral operational, functional and safety of the airport fuel hydrant system.

The low point drain pit assembly is designed to remove any non-fuel fluids and other contaminants from the fuel pipeline.

The high point vent pit assembly is designed to relieve air pockets from the fuel pipeline, thereby preventing build-up of gases in the system and any related problems.


Cavotec Meyerinck Pantographs are compatible with both military and commercial aircraft, and perform fuselage and under-wing refuelling operations. Cavotec manufactures an extensive range of pantograph systems, which can service all types of military aircraft, whether parked at apron positions, in hangars, or in shelters. All pantograph-types can be operated by just one person.

The innovative design eliminates the need for hoses, and it allows refuelling with engines running and hot brakes (“hot refuelling”).

Isolation Valve Chambers

Totally prefabricated and provided with aircraft load rated - 900kN - one hand lift access covers. The pits are sand-proof, dust-proof and waterproof, compatible with both military and commercial fuel systems.

Their unique cover design allows the cover to be opened by one person with a one hand lift without the need for any electric, hydraulic or external mechanical lifting equipment.


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