Joysticks & Controls

Improve ergonomics, productivity and efficiency of equipment with industrial controllers, joysticks and switches. Nearly all man-machine interface challenges can be tackled by extensive range of controllers.

Our Gessmann range includes:

  • Crane control units and operator chairs.
  • Multi-axis controllers.
  • Palm grips.
  • Double handles and single-axis controllers.


Our solutions are typically used for:

  • Crane system and hoisting equipment.
  • Offshore and ship controllers.
  • Electro Hydraulics.
  • Industrial and mining machineries.


Gessmann produces high quality industrial controllers and switches used in crane operation systems, remote controls systems, hoisting, ports, terminals and offshore, mining and tunnelling, steel mills, welding machine control, forestry, packing machine control, explosion protected (flame proof) applications and nautical applications.


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