MoorMaster™ automated mooring has been in operation at major bulk terminals in Australia and Europe for more than a decade. The technology improves productivity and reduces the need for infrastructure investment.

MoorMaster™ also contributes to improved efficiency in the Oil & Gas sector by providing innovative systems that safely moor LNG and tanker vessels, thereby also making loading and offloading operations safer.


  1. Moor vessels in 30 seconds, detach in 10 seconds.
  2. Increased throughput due to reduced vessel motion.
  3. Reduced OPEX, (fuel, tugs, pilots, crew and fender maintenance).
  4. Reduced need of mooring gangs.
  5. Improved equipment and personnel safety.
  6. Less infrastructure construction required.
  7. Vessel warping enables long vessels to be moored on short piers (Cape size on a Panamax berth).
  8. Reduced environmental impact.

“Cavotec MoorMaster™ provided PHPA with a solution to a defined technical problem i.e. fitting a mini cape into a Panamax space. The system has proven to be a great success to date and allowed improved productivity, safety and risk management strategies. Innovative and the leading edge of changing maritime technological solutions.”

John Finch – (A/GM Operations - Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority) 


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