With extensive experience of connecting port equipment, Cavotec provides connection solutions that optimise the charging of a variety of mobile equipment such as electric and hybrid vehicles, trucks, AGVs and ships.

We provide manual and automatic connection systems that withstand challenging port environments, and ensure safe operations.

Automated connection

Our Automatic Plug-in System (APS) charges electrical vehicles and vessels without the need for human intervention.

  1. Short charging times.
  2. Safe operations due to electrical interlocks.
  3. Limited infrastructure costs.
  4. Minimum modification required for vehicles and ships.
  5. Robust design reduces maintenance costs.

Manual connection

Underground hatch and pop up pit

  1. Full protection of the system against damage and environmental conditions.
  2. Highly flexible: option to include multiple connection points and combine several utilities.
  3. Highly reliable: mechanical maintenance-free system.


Self-retracting Cable Management System

  1. Prevents damage to connectors: as cables retract automatically into station housing, damage to connectors and cables from contact with the ground and ambient conditions is minimised.
  2. Reduced mechanical stress on cables during reeling operations.
  3. User-friendly: quick, easy connection possible with one hand, no cable tangle.
  4. Easy integration with charging stations.


Cavotec has led the development of E-Vessel connection and charging thanks to a range of automated and manual connection offers.

Cavotec APSTowers combined with MoorMaster™ ensure automated mooring and connection of E-Ferries in less than 30 seconds.

Cavotec AMPDispenser and AMPShore Reel enable safe manual connection of E-Vessels.


Cavotec’s Automated Plug-in System (APS) enables AGV battery charging on the vehicle itself, without having to remove the battery pack.

  1. Safe automated charging.
  2. Limited cost of charging station.
  3. No extra battery pack required.
  4. No extra vehicles required.


Cavotec designs systems that support convenient cable handling for e-car charging stations.

Our self-retracting cable management system is ergonomic and integrated into charging stations, thereby reducing maintenance costs and increasing operability.


Cavotec manufactures manual and automatic connection solutions for e-truck fleets.

Our self-retracting cable management system, as well as our pit system for e-trucks, ensure user-friendly manual connection and protects cables from damage.

Our APS system enables the fully automated connection of e-trucks, contributing to safer operations while minimising OPEX.


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