Automated Mooring

MoorMaster™ automated mooring eliminates the need for mooring lines with automated vacuum pads that moor and release vessels in seconds.

MoorMaster™ dramatically improves safety and operational efficiency, optimises the ship-to-shore interface, and in many cases enables ports to make infrastructure savings.

Improved productivity

  • Vessels moored in less than 30 seconds.
  • Reduced vessel motion from swell, surge and passing ships.
  • Reduced OPEX, (mooring teams not needed).
  • Reduced operating times for tugs and harbour pilots.

Improved flexibility and safety

  • Any vessel can use the berth, even vessels that are longer than the berth.
  • Mooring can be undertaken from any location, thereby reducing reliance on personnel present at the berth.
  • Reduced risk of mooring accidents as personnel are removed from hazardous working areas.
  • Real-time monitoring of mooring processes and forces.

Reduced infrastructure investment

  • Improved pier utilisation due to closer vessel spacing.
  • Quay length can be ‘virtually’ extended as vessels’ bows can overhang the end of the quay.
  • MoorMasterTM can reduce breakwater extension requirements. 

Reduced environmental impact

  • More than 90% reduction in emissions during ship berthing due to reduced use of tugs and ship engines.
  • Fast and simple connection to shore power.


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