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Some of the most innovative ideas we work with actually come from our customers. Call it customer-driven R&D, but we truly believe in the power of these new concepts to solve problems and add tremendous value.

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Cavotec INET US Inc

Cavotec INET US Inc., established in 1967, is headquartered in Cypress, California and is dedicated to the design, manufacturing, installation and support of stationary and mobile aircraft servicing equipment. Via their domestic and international sales and field support offices, Cavotec INET supplies 50/60 -400 Hz power conversion, preconditioned air systems, and power generation for the global aviation industry.

Cavotec INET US Inc.
5665 Corporate Avenue - Cypress, CA 90630, USA
Telephone: +714 888 2700 | Telefax: +714 888 2727
E-mail: inet@cavotec.com
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