Cavotec e-truck charging solution at Port of Long Beach

Here's our innovative high-power e-truck charging solution - developed in partnership with Port of Long Beach (POLB) and International Transportation Service - that has won the American Association of Port Authorities 2020 Facilities Engineering Award.

The POLB Smart e-Truck Charging pilot project enables the rapid and efficient high-power charging of battery powered heavy-duty terminal tractors thereby offering substantial operational, safety, and environmental benefits.

The system includes a fixed 150 kW charging unit located in the container yard which extends and connects to a receptacle retrofitted on each e-truck ensuring safe, hands-free operation, easy connection and maintenance, and rapid charging.

The project, in its pilot phase, involves retrofitting one out of a total of 650 conventionally powered terminal tractors that are currently in use at POLB, so the potential for improvements in operational efficiency and environmental impact are considerable.

Our thanks to all those who have made this project possible.