MoorMaster™ automated mooring has been in operation at major bulk terminals in Australia and Europe for more than a decade. The technology improves safety, productivity and reduces the need for infrastructure investment.

MoorMaster™ also contributes to improved efficiency in the oil and gas sector by providing innovative systems that safely moor LNG and tanker vessels, thereby also making loading and offloading operations safer.


  • Moor vessels in 30 seconds, detach in 10 seconds
  • Increased throughput due to faster mooring and reduced vessel motion
  • Eliminated or reduced need for dangerous rope-handling activities
  • Improved equipment and personnel safety
  • Vessel overhang enables long vessels to be moored on short piers, (e.g. Cape size on a Panamax berth)
  • Reduced infrastructure construction requirement
  • Reduced environmental impact


Pilbara Ports Authority

"The Cavotec mooring system is a very innovative technology… instead of tying up a ship that takes 30-40 minutes, you can actually tie a ship up and make it secure in about 60 seconds"
General Manager Operations, Pilbara Ports Authority

Pilbara Ports Authority

"We don’t operate lines under tension on this berth. With the high tidal range here on Port Hedland there is a risk that lines will snap under high tension. We don’t run this risk and obviously don’t put the people on the wharf under risk of being injured by parting lines"
Operations Supervisor, Port Hedland

ECONNECT Energy (Connect LNG)

"In operations, the system is unmanned utilising state of the art automation and monitoring technology, which means safe and efficient hook-up and LNG transfer. The system is highly flexible, and can be connected to a wide range of vessels without any modifications, and is designed to satisfy all applicable rules and regulations"
Connect LNG – Jettyless LNG Transfer



Port Hedland, Australia

Iron ore loading
Since 2010
Moorings: Three to four per week
Vessels Up to LOA 295m
Owner: Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA)
Operator: Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA)


  • Iron ore port, serviced by dry bulk carriers of up to 135,000 DWT, 295m LOA
  • Port originally designed for Panamax vessels, but wanted to increase capacity by accepting larger Cape Size vessels
  • Operator had critical personnel and vessel safety concerns


  • MoorMaster™️ system installed with specifications to withstand the harsh environmental conditions at the port (current, tide, dust, and +45°C)

Key benefits

  • Increased capacity by accepting larger ships without the need for costly infrastructure investment
  • Completely safe mooring addressing all health and safety concerns
  • Resources freed up as less staff is tied up in mooring

“Cavotec MoorMaster™ provided PHPA with a solution to a defined technical problem i.e. fitting a mini cape into a Panamax space. The system has proven to be a great success to date and allowed improved productivity, safety and risk management strategies. Innovative and the leading edge of changing maritime technological solutions".

John Finch – (A/GM Operations - Harbour Master, Port Hedland Port Authority) 

Port of Narvik, Norway (LKAB)

Iron ore loading
Since 2016
Moorings: Two to four per week
Vessels Up to LOA 305m
Owner: LKAB
Operator: LKAB


  • Iron ore port, trafficked by dry bulk carriers of up to 160,000 DWT, 305m LOA
  • Short 160m new-build jetty
  • Existing mooring times considered too long
  • Slow and labour-intensive mooring result in high operational expenses


  • MoorMaster™️ system installed with specifications to withstand the harsh environmental conditions at the port (current, tide, dust, and minus degrees)

Key benefits

  • Increased capacity by accepting larger ships without the need for a costly infrastructure investment
  • Considerable time savings enable capacity increases
  • Resources freed up as fewer personnel required for mooring

ECONNECT Energy (Connect LNG), Norway

LNG transfer
Since 2017
Vessels with various LOA
Owner: Gas Natural
Operator: Gas Natural


  • Customer intent on developing a floating jetty-less platform for LNG transfer
  • Due to size difference between the platform and ship, rope mooring would not be capable of keeping a stable distance between the vessels
  • Deploying ropes would have been time consuming and exposed staff to significant health and safety risk


  • ATEX and CLASS certified MoorMaster™️ multi-unit system installed on the movable platform

Key benefits

  • Trials have shown that the system works considerably more efficiently than conventional mooring methods
  • Personnel safety improved
  • Mooring time dramatically reduced
  • Status of mooring known at all times during LNG-transfer



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