MoorMaster™ hands-free mooring is revolutionizing the operation of locks: shortening lockage time, eliminating dangerous rope-handling activities, increasing safety, and enabling greater vessel throughput.

MoorMaster™ lock systems are mounted on vertical rails inside lock chamber walls to secure ships during the lockage process as they are raised or lowered while keeping them at a fixed distance from the lock wall.


  • Removes hazardous mooring lines-handling, (lines present fall risks at low water)
  • Allows mooring to be performed remotely, potentially many kilometres from the lock
  • Effective controls of vessel surge throughout the lockage process; lines lack control at low water due to the extreme angles from quayside to vessels
  • Eliminates dangerous oscillating roll motion caused by lines with water turbulence
  • Speeds up mooring and allows faster filling or drainage of locks


St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (Canadian locks)

"Hands-free mooring provides time, safety and monetary benefits to carriers by reducing the overall cost of vessel transit"
Winner reveal at Heavy Lift Awards 2020

St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (U.S. locks)

"According to the staff, the system has resulted in faster transit through the locks and contributed to greater safety for the workers around the lock. This is just one example of how the federal government is using the internet of things."
U.S. Government Accountability Office, report GAO-20-577



St Lawrence Seaway, US and Canada

Since 2014
Moorings: Four to five per day in each lock
Vessels up to LOA 225m
Owner: SLSMC
Operator: SLSMC


  • 15 locks in the US and Canada, each completing four to five moorings per day
  • Vertical travel in locks between 12 and 15m
  • Locks in remote locations forcing operators to drive up to four hours


  • MoorMaster™️ units mounted on vertical rails inside the lock chamber wall securing the ship during the lockage process
  • Locks completely remotely operated with no humans by lock

Key benefits

  • Transit times reduced by nearly seven minutes per lockage thanks to fast mooring and less vessel motion during drainage
  • Resources freed up through automation, reduced travel time, and economies of scale
  • Increased the pool of vessels worldwide that are able to enter the locks
  • Eliminated safety hazards caused by handling mooring lines



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