Working with Cavotec, you are supported throughout the product lifecycle by the combination of insight and engineering excellence that originally developed MoorMaster™.

Due to the large number of MoorMaster™ installations, we have the scale needed for a services team which specializes in vacuum mooring and has expertise in electro-mechanics, hydraulics, and software control engineering. This helps optimize operations and maximizes availability of MoorMaster™ systems around the world.

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Service agreements tailored to customer needs

Since all applications are different, we offer a wide range of service agreements that can be tailored to each set of needs. A standard CavotecCare agreement provides an annual equipment assessment by a technical expert to plan for or anticipate future maintenance requirements. For applications that require maximum availability, we offer Total CavotecCare where we embed Cavotec experts on site. We can also offer everything in between these two extremes.

Remanufacturing of equipment to extend lifetime

Today, some of the first MoorMaster™ systems have been operated for close to two decades. Therefore, we offer our customers the option to remanufacture MoorMaster™ systems, extending the life of the systems even further.

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  • Maximized availability
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Extended system lifetime
  • Services tailored to your requirements and internal capabilities
  • Access to technical experts with experience from 80+ installations across the globe
  • Short response times with around the clock support



Total Cavotec Care: Port of Salalah, Oman (container)

Since 2006
Moorings: Two to three a day
Vessels up to LOA 400m
Owner: Port of Salalah
Operator: Port of Salalah


  • Container port servicing vessels up to 400m LOA
  • With conventional rope-mooring, productivity (box rate) drops significantly during monsoon causing severe disruption to operations
  • MoorMaster™ systems on four berths critical to restore berth productivity and meet shipping line commitments


  • MoorMaster™ systems covered by Total CavotecCare service agreement with on-site team handling all regular maintenance
  • Remote support and regular visits from global technical experts

Key benefits

  • Excellent availability of MoorMaster™ systems ensuring operational performance
  • Continuous monitoring of MoorMaster™ systems health and preventive maintenance ensures systems lifetime meets expectation

Cavotec Care Enhanced Plus: Port of Helsinki, Finland (RoPax)

Berths LJ7 & LJ8
Since 2017
Moorings: Nine per day
Ferries LOA up to 212m
Owner: Port of Helsinki
Operator: Tallink & EckeröLine


  • Ferry route with large 200+ m LOA vessels mooring six times per day
  • MoorMaster™ systems on two berths speeding up mooring, allowing ferry lines to cruise slower and reduce use of their thrusters, reducing fuel and emissions
  • Mooring at the push of a button means port typically does not need mooring crews, increasing importance of high system availability


  • MoorMaster™ systems covered by CavotecCare EnhancedPlus service agreement
  • Local services team handling all preventive maintenance as per operations and maintenance manual (O&M)

Key benefits

  • Reliable systems with high availability maximizing customer return on investment
  • Continuous monitoring of MoorMaster™ systems health and preventive maintenance ensures systems lifetime meets expectation



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