Why Shore Power?

Build cleaner ports and ships
with innovative onshore
power supplies.

It’s time to take charge and transform the way we power cleaner, safer, and more efficient ports, vessels and ferries to build more prosperous coastal communities.

Shore power technologies, also known as cold ironing, Onshore Power Supply (OPS) or Alternative Maritime Power (AMP), are the only solutions that cut emissions totally at berth. Shore power solutions enable the connection of ships in port to onshore power supplies that provide electricity for on-board services allowing diesel generators to be switched off.

The reduction in vessel emissions is no longer a nice-to-have and is increasingly becoming a legal requirement for the industry, following the latest standards and regulations.

Why Shore Power with Cavotec?

We’re the total solutions provider of shore power for ports and ships.

Your trailblazers

Home to the forward-thinkers, the problem-solvers.

We’re at the forefront of delivering highly innovative shore power solutions and services with more systems installed around the world than any other provider including cruise vessels, container ships Ro/Pax and Ro/Ro ferries.
We draw on more than 40 years’ experience partnering with our customers to help them solve their onshore power supply challenges.

Your allies

Building and delivering the solutions you need.

With some 750 employees in over 20 countries we’re able to customise our shore power solutions to your specific requirements for the highest levels of performance across vessels and ports.

We design, manufacture and deliver innovative turnkey shore power solutions that allow you to take charge and build your own more sustainable future.

Your change makers

Bold about being better.

We’ve set completely new standards for shore power technology with intelligent designs that seamlessly integrate into urban environments.

We’re not just your partner for a better now, we’re futureproofing the entire onshore power industry and continuing to accelerate shore power excellence for tomorrow.

Why is now the right time for Shore Power?

Anticipate regulations with proven,
industry standard solutions.

Shore power makes the ports and ships industry compliant with the strictest regulations

In Europe, the Directive 2014/94/EU on the Deployment of Alternative Fuel Infrastructure requires ports to progressively equip their berths to be shore power ready by 2025. In California, the Air Resources Board mandates that most vessels berthing at their port use shore power by 2027.

Adherence to electrical standards to ensure full compatibility

The international standard on shore power (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005) has been in place to ensure worldwide compatibility and safe connection between ports and vessels.

Shore Power is a mature technology

Since the 1980s, when known as cold ironing, shore power has been implemented in hundreds of ports and ships around the world. Everyday containers, ferries, cruises, Ro/Ro vessels, navy ships, yachts and OSV are seamlessly connecting to onshore power supply solutions thanks to Cavotec.


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