Take charge of onshore power to build cleaner and safer ports

Our advanced shore power systems are integrated into the heart of some of the busiest and most dynamic ports in the world, helping to drive the prosperity of local economies, improve local air quality and facilitate the shift towards a more sustainable future.

With some 40 years' experience of designing, manufacturing and installing shore power Cable Management Systems, previously known as cold ironing, Cavotec now supports ports through the entire shore power journey.

Using our experience and expertise, we have developed specific shore power solutions for cruise, ferry, Ro/Ro, container and other specialised terminals.

Cavotec shore power solutions are delivered in accordance with international connection standard (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005).

Shore Power for Cruise terminals

As per international standard (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005-1), cruise vessels must be connected to an electrical supply from the shore, at either 6.6kV or 11kV up to 20 MVA.

Cavotec’s shore power solutions meet a broad variety of cruise ship configurations, regardless of their electrical requirements and connection points. Plus, our onshore power supply solutions are customised to match the needs of each cruise berth for maximum flexibility.

ShorePower solutions connecting cruise vessels in Montreal

PowerMove connecting a cruise vessel in China

PowerFeed and PowerMove ensure reliable connection of cruise ships

Shore Power for Ferry, Ro/Ro
and Ro/Pax terminals

As per international standard (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005-1), ferry, Roll-on/Roll-off and Ro/Pax vessels need to be connected to an electrical onshore power supply, at 6.6kV, up to 6.5MVA.

Ferry, Ro/Ro and Ro/Pax vessels tend to make regular and planned port calls, berthing close to populated city centres. Our shore power solutions for passenger vessels have therefore been developed with public environments and urban contexts in mind, with a modern and innovative aesthetic. More importantly, shore power’s ability to improve fuel savings and reduce emissions is key for maintaining a healthier environment for surrounding communities.

Cavotec shore power systems provide high flexibility to fit the specific challenges faced by ferry, Ro/Ro and Ro/Pax terminals, such as tidal variations and the ability to connect to a wide variety of vessel sizes and configurations.

PowerReachNxG includes LED lighting to display connection status in real time

PowerRange connects ferry vessels independently of tidal conditions

Shore Power for
Container terminals

As per international standard (ISO/IEC/IEEC 80005), container vessels must be connected to an electrical supply from the ship at 6.6kV up to 7.5MVA.

Limited available space at berth is a key concern at container terminals, so Cavotec shore power solutions are designed to allow full flexibility while minimising interference with regular container port operations and equipment, such as Ship-To-Shore cranes, bollards and mooring ropes.

Underground PowerWrap allows connection without interference with crane operations

Battery-driven PowerExtend increases flexibility to connect container vessels along the berth

PowerExtend moves the connection point of container vessels away from crane operations

PowerFeed installed in a port in China with reduced civil works

Shore Power for
specialised terminals

Vessels that require a longer stay in port are increasingly using shore power to reduce emissions and fuel costs. From marinas, service ships, to navy ports or OSV (Offshore Supply Vessels), Cavotec solutions fit a broad variety of vessels and on shore power requirements including low voltage.

Shore power solutions are customised to meet the specific requirements of any terminal, optimising operators’ CAPEX and OPEX.

PowerRun connects Offshore Supply Vessels in Norway

Skid-mounted PowerRun connects yacht in a marina in France


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