Take charge of safer and more efficient port calls and greener sailing

By providing connection solutions for charging, our breakthrough systems are at the forefront of the development of more efficient electric and autonomous ships.

Cavotec is proud to be part of the journey towards autonomous vessels and a zero emission shipping industry with our shore power charging solutions. We enable our customers to improve their environmental footprint, productivity and safety, whilst simultaneously revolutionising the way ships enter and leave ports.

With extensive experience of connecting and automating port equipment, Cavotec has developed a broad range of innovative onshore power supply solutions for charging e-vessels, from manual to fully automated connection systems. Our solutions for e-vessels come with modern designs that blend seamlessly in to port and public environments.

Our Automatic Plug-In Systems for e-vessels react to tidal variations to enable an automated positioning and stable onshore power supply connection. They fit a broad variety of power requirements, work with AC or DC charging and can be installed on the quay and on the car ramp, for the following benefits:

    • Maximised charging time to save on battery size and costs
    • Safe operation and connection
    • Minimal modifications required on-board and on-shore

Automatic Plug-In System, combined with MoorMaster™ ensures the automated connection and mooring of e-vessels in less than 30 seconds, bringing the charging of these vessels to the highest efficiency level.

Cavotec’s automated charging solutions are already connecting and charging e-vessels in over 30 ports around the world.

    PowerRampNxG connects e-vessels through the car ramp

    PowerAdapt in Olso fits perfectly in urban context

    PowerDrop combined with MoorMaster™ optimises charging time

    PowerReach charges Vision Of the Fjord e-ferry in Norway

    Norled vessel is automatically moored and charged with Cavotec PowerDrop and MoorMasterTM


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