Cavotec’s advanced 400Hz, PCA, wet services and fuelling systems ensure safe and efficient aircraft servicing at passenger, cargo, and military remote aprons. Our systems reduce the amount of mobile equipment on the apron, thereby improving service, and reducing maintenance and operating costs.

Our in-ground pit systems minimise tarmac congestion, helping airlines and airports to enhance passenger movement, improve safety, and reduce environmental impact. These systems also reduce the risk of collision between mobile GSE and aircraft, a substantial cost for the industry.

For example, Cavotec E3 Gate system provides an unrivalled range of in-ground aircraft services, including 400Hz Ground Power Unit (GPU), preconditioned air (PCA) potable and blue water, sewage and fuel.

Cavotec as a key partner

  • Turnkey solutions, including design layout and system integration, that improve efficiency.
  • Application-centric focus with the full spectrum of electrical 400Hz GPU, PCA and wet services, fixed or plugged-in mobile e-GSE.
  • Maximise asset utilisation, optimise the use of resources and reduce operational costs.
  • In-ground pit systems reduce collision risk.
  • Global footprint with local customer support.


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