Human Operator Interface - Video System

Cavotec manufactures advanced Human Operator Interface (HOI) video systems that enable remote controlled, tele-operation and semi-autonomous operation.

Designed for the harshest of environments, our HOI systems are used with a broad range of equipment including rock breakers, construction and demolition machines, underground scoops and continuous loaders, terminal cranes and at offshore applications.


  • Underground scoops and continuous loaders.
  • Rock Breakers.
  • Construction and Demolition Machines.
  • Ports and Maritime Cranes.

Key Benefits

  • Increased safety by removing operators from hazardous areas. 
  • Improved working environment for operators.
  • Additional visual features to reduce risk of incidents.
  • Improved productivity with safer and faster movement of materials.
  • Improved operation accuracy to reduce downtime and maintenance. 
  • Real-time process monitoring and data storage on remote displays and control rooms.
  • Visual and audio features supporting operators to react to problems in real time. 

RRC systems

Our Radio Remote Control (RRC) systems are uniquely customisable and come in a wide variety of housing types for both safe zone and EX applications. Our RRC systems are designed to interface with all types of equipment, from direct valve control to fully PLC integrated.

Cavotec RRC comply with all relevant international standards, ATEX, IECEx, C1D1, and more, including IEC 61508, (SIL3) and EN13849, (Cat3 PI d and Ple).

Fully integrated operating centres

Cavotec manufactures several types of operating centres:

  • Ergonomic control desk and chair: pre-wired and equipped with monitors.
  • Cabins: complete cabin with integration of the control chair, joysticks, RRC and monitors.
  • Containerised office: complete container equipped with all control desks & chair, video and air-conditioning.

Real-time video feedback

Real-time video and audible feedback through the use of industrial tablets and monitors, which is fully integrated with our control systems.

Cavotec systems are designed to strict standards:

  • Safety
  • Rugged Components
  • Modular Design
  • User Friendly
  • Technologically advanced


Industrial controllers and joysticks are used in a wide range of ports and terminal applications, including cranes operating systems, remote control and welding machine control.

From fingertip operation to full control chairs ready for PLC integration, our range of industrial controllers is unrivalled.


Our cameras are specifically designed for use in industrial environments.

They come in Analog or Digital variations, both with a long life cycle and high vibration/shock resistance design. 



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