Cavotec integrated collectors or power slip rings allow the transmission of power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating structures.

Featuring unique multi-contact patented brush-gear, sustaining even strongest vibrations, these products are made for sophisticated demands. 

Available also within compact design for limited space, these slip ring columns have set the standard in the industry. Optional delivered completely with wiring harness, connectors as plug & play solution. 

Enclosures can be supplied also within stainless steel covering a wide range of applications. 

Engineered in-house, Cavotec slip rings and data transmission systems can also be customized for the specific application and fully tested in our Centre of Excellence. We ensure a full design performance including the ring and brushes specified as per the specificities of the application and operating method.

Our systems can also include optional features like limit switches, encoders, fibre optic swivels and hydraulic joints.

Cavotec product offering support industrial cranes, stage technology, mining equipment, farming applications.


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