Cavotec provides a wide range of RTG electrification technologies: from manual connection to front-end automated technologies.

Cavotec E-RTG solutions are based on cable reel technology ensuring a high degree of reliability; and the integration of fibre optics critical to terminal operations. Our solutions can be integrated on new E-RTG/A-RTG or RTG retrofits.

Our global engineering expertise and local project management capabilities make Cavotec the ideal partner for upgrading or retrofitting RTG cranes. We improve the availability, reliability and maintainability of port assets.

Automatic connection

E-RTG automatic connection maximises crane productivity for terminals. Automated E-RTG improve land utilisation especially with regular changing blocks. Semi or fully automated E-RTG have been shown to increase horizontal movements and thereby the yard productivity.

Cavotec Automatic Plug-in System (APS) automates the connection and disconnection of cable reel powering E-RTG.

  • Reduced CAPEX vs conductor bars.
  • Improved working environment and safety for staff and cargo.
  • Higher average and peak productivity.
  • Flexibility in handling varying volumes.
  • Available for Low and Medium Voltage applications with fibre optics.
  • Reduced maintenance expenditure.
  • Reduced environmental impact.

Manual connection

Manual connection is ideal for terminals with a low number of daily E-RTG movements between different blocks.

Cavotec power units and Double Anchor Openable System (DACO) ensure rapid and safe manual connection and anchoring operations.

  • Quick connection and disconnection sequences.
  • Safe and easy handling.
  • Lower wear and tear on components such as cables with DACO system.


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