Automate the connection of mobile equipment to improve safety and efficiency at your operations.

Cavotec Automatic Plug-in System (APS) and Smart Plug-in System (SPS) are some of our latest innovations, and are set to revolutionise the automation and connection of E-RTG cranes, electric vessels and other mobile industrial equipment.


APS automatically connects and disconnects E-RTGs to electrical power and yard communication system.

  • Reduced CAPEX: limited yard modification and easy integration with existing equipment, requiring limited civil works.
  • Low OPEX: based on the cable reel technology, automation backed by the high reliability and low maintenance cost of cable reel technology.
  • Improved productivity: higher throughput including reliable data and real-time video transmission through fiber optic.
  • Optimised operations: faster crane deployment, yard devices coordination from Cavotec SCADA, predictive maintenance and system redundancy.
  • Safer operations: unmanned connection.

APS for E-Ferry

APS’ automated connection of vessels to electrical power ensures maximised recharging time, quick and reliable connection and zero-emission operations.

  • Automatic and safe connection.
  • Longer charging time at berth optimising the battery pack design and cost (e-ferries).
  • Combination with MoorMaster™ system ensures automated mooring and charging.

Read more about APS and MoorMaster™.

SPS for E-Truck

SPS automatically connects and charges electrical trucks such as vehicles and E-AGVs without direct human intervention.

  • Safer operations thanks to unmanned connection.
  • Short charging times thanks to high power transmission.
  • Limited infrastructure costs.
  • Robust design.


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