Cable Protection

Mechanical reeling cable protection for extended cable service life, improved reliability and enhanced safety.



Panzerbelt is a cable protection system that incorporates a continuous semi-flexible belt fabricated from rubber with inlaid steel reinforcement, which lies over a channel cast in the quay. The belt is riveted to the quay surface along one edge, while the other remains free to be raised by a cable guide and belt-lifting device fitted to the crane. Steel reinforcement has been incorporated to retain directional strength and flexibility of the belt.

Main applications are related to STS & E-RTG cranes.

Turnover anchor

Turnover Anchors system includes an access cover with stainless steel turnkey anchor, junction box and connectors. Cavotec range include single or double turnover anchors, for 1 or more cables ensuring multiple cranes can work on the same block and reducing the tension on the power cables.

Applications: STS, E-RTG, ASC

  • Longer cable life time with a reduced cable pulling force.
  • Easy installation with fibre glass pit.
  • Fast connection and disconnection.
  • Safe & easy handling: easy lift function with gas spring or counterweight assisted opening mechanism – assisted opening mechanism allows for single operator operation and safer maintenance interventions.
  • Reduced maintenance on cables: drum system ensures optimal positioning and alignment of cables during operations, and reduced mechanical stress on cables.


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    Panzerbelt® Cable Protection System

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