Shore Power Systems for Ports

As per the international shore connection standard, shore power cables for Ro/Ro and passenger vessels must be connected from the shore to the ship, rather than using on board systems.

With some 40 years' experience of designing and manufacturing cable handling solutions, Cavotec supports customers from design to implementation, optimising OPEX and CAPEX for ports.


AMPTelescopic connects multi-role Ro/Ro vessels and ferries to shore power.

  1. 30 seconds to connect and disconnect.
  2. High degree of operational flexibility and safety with telescopic boom.
  3. Adjusts to tidal, weather conditions.
  4. High accurate hatch connection.
  5. Remotely controlled operations.


AMPDispenser connects Ro/Ro vessels and ferries berthing at fixed locations:

  1. 30 seconds to connect and disconnect.
  2. No personnel needed onshore.
  3. Fully Radio Remote Controlled.


AMPMobile connects cruise vessels quickly and safely:

  1. Civil works costs minimised: trenches along the quay are not required.
  2. High operational flexibility along the berth: accommodates a wide range of vessels, regardless of connection point location.
  3. Easy storage: when not in use, AMPMobile can be disconnected and moved from the quayside for storage.


AMPReel connects tankers, offshore supply vessels, small vessels and yachts to shore power.

  1. Adjusts to tidal, weather conditions.
  2. Small footprint and overall dimensions.
  3. Up to 45m active cable length.
  4. Skid-mounted for an easy repositioning.
  5. Remotely controlled.


AMPVault are the shore power pits integrated along the berth to connect container and bulk vessels.

  1. No interaction with port operations

No interference with ropes, bollard and moving cranes.

  1. Safe and easy operations

One-man, fast and safe opening with EZ-lift cover assembly.

  1. Limited civil work

Minimum CAPEX due to fibreglass pre-formed enclosure.


AMPCaddy-B is a self-propelled battery-driven mobile system. It connects container and bulk vessels with greater flexibility at the connection point. 

  1. Reduced number of required shore pits.
  2. Movable system enables use at a variety of connection points and different berths.
  3. Battery-driven, to ensure zero emissions.
  4. Easy implementation on existing berths.


AMPTrailer is a manual mobile shore power cable management system. It offers flexibility to move the point of shore power connection away from crane operations. 

  1. Long cable length outreach.
  2. Movable system, towable by truck.
  3. Easy implementation, no civil works required on berths.

 Shore power for E-Ferries

Cavotec Shore power and Automatic Plug-In System combined with MoorMaster™ ensure automated mooring and connection of E-Vessels in less than 30 seconds.


APS with MoorMaster™



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