Shore power systems for ships

With the development of regulations and the growing number of terminals equipped with shore power, several shipping lines are steadily featuring shore power on their new vessels and retrofitting their existing ones.

Around 600 container vessels globally are equipped with Cavotec shore power technologies. All our systems comply with the IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1 international standard.


AMPTainer is a semi-fixed shore power system housed in a 40ft shipping container, and mounted onto the vessel. It includes a cable management system, the shore connection panel and other electrical equipment needed for shore connection.

  1. Low CAPEX retrofit solution.
  2. Highly flexible.
  3. Optimised footprint to enable implementation on vessels with space constraints.
  4. AMP Cable range of up to 45m.


AMPReel is a fixed shore power system mounted on a chassis and fixed on the vessel. This solution consists of a motorised cable management system including AMP connectors and cables, a cable drum with a slip ring, a motor reducer, an optical fibre accumulator, an electrical control panel and a pivotable hydraulic cable guide.

  1. Ideal for new-build vessel.
  2. Easy and fast to operate.
  3. AMP cable range up to 55m.

Turnkey retrofit solution

Cavotec works in close co-operation with shipowners and shipyards to assess optimal shore power system, and can provide turnkey retrofitting solutions, from design to commissioning.

  1. Minimise CAPEX and optimise OPEX.
  2. Ensure fast project execution for a reduced operation interruption.
  3. Enhance flexible and trouble free shore connection system.


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