About our Group

Cavotec wants to contribute to a future world that is cleaner, safer and more efficient by providing innovative connection and electrification solutions to enable the decarbonization of ports and industrial applications

We thrive by shaping future expectations in the areas we are active in. Our credibility comes from our application expertise, dedication to innovation and world class operations. Our success rests on the core values we live by; Integrity, Accountability, Performance and Team Work.

Cavotec’s personnel, located in some 30 countries around the world, represent a large number of cultures, and provide customers with local support, backed by the Group’s global network of engineering expertise.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Cavotec is committed to minimising environmental impact through the development of innovative technologies for customers, and by reducing its own environmental footprint. 

Many of the Group’s systems promote the use of electrically powered ships, cars, cranes and other vehicles that reduce or eliminate emissions.

As a leading global engineering group, with operations in many parts of the world, Cavotec considers the continued development of its CSR goals and initiatives as integral elements to the Group’s future success.

We actively seek to conduct business responsibly, ensuring that we contribute to a more sustainable and more equitable world.